Issue 135 (2017)


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Zatovskyi B. European Reformation as it was assessed by Russian journal «Bogoslovskij vestnik» (1869-1910)

Koval B. Evolution of eshatological views of Millerrite movement in America (30-40’s of XIX century)

Kovbasiuk S. Changing roles: construction and deconstruction of gender in the age of Reformation

Kruhliak D. Trends of establishment of the local self-government during the transformations of transition period (the end of 1980’s – the end of 1990’s)

Martseniuk R. An unknown Latvian trail in the repressed Ukrainian academic history: A.A. Nebii (1899-1937)

Mohylnyi L. Social and political views of Liudmyla Starytska-Cherniakhivska

Muzychko O. Research of history of Reformation in Odessa at the end of the 19th – at the beginning of 20th centuries

Orlova T. Putin’s Russia: causes of archaization

Papa I. «Protestant ethics» of Danish diplomats in the beginning of the XVIII century (based on diplomatic mission sources of Just Juel, 1709-1711)

Patryliak B. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army flag from the collection of the National Museum of Ukrainian History

Peleshko A., Chernukhin Ye. The representatives of the Orthodox priesthood in the history of the Greeks’ struggle for independence

Rudenko O. The methods of political struggle in the Late Republic period: on the materials of Dio Cassius

Rudenko Yu. Contribution of Jewish population to socioeconomic and cultural development of Zolotonosha region

Rud M. Department of Ancient and Medieval History of History Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (dedicated to 70th anniversary of its founding)

Shyshko O. Odesa bourgeoisie as the object of the political terror in 1920

Yakubets A. Rural clubs in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic in 1954-1964 (according to publications of the Perets magazine)

Yashchuk O. The idea of the supreme authority in the Belarusian-Lithuanity chronicles through a prism of ruler’s titles