Issue 131 (2016)

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Borovyk M. Choosing the other words: the unknown diaries of Irina Khoroshunova

Hriffen L., Tytova O. Monument studies in the system of sciences

Zhelaga D., Radomskii I. The Trypillian archaeological heritage in the Middle Dniester area: threats of destruction and saving activities

Ivanysko S. Kyiv regional inspectorship for the protection of cultural heritage and the conservation of the Saint Sophia's Cathedral

Kazmyrchuk M. Memorial and nostalgic tourism in the domestic and foreign studies

Kravchenko I. Kiev St. Andrew's Church: protection and repairment of the monument in the nineteenth century – at the beginning of the twentieth century

Lyzun O. Present state and prospects of preservation of Paleolithic sites in the Middle Dnieper Area

Motsia B. Problems in organization of the protecting system for cultural heritage

Panchuk O. The establishment of the church archaeological museums at the theological academies and in the eparchies in Ukraine: idea, origins, role of N. I. Petrov

Petrauskene A. Development of the archaeological open air museum in Olevsk city, Zhytomyr region

Pilkevych A. "The Ukrainian Antiquity" as a socio-cultural factor in the context of Ukraine's European integration

Pilkevych V. The activities of the UNESCO in the preservation of cultural heritage

Samoilenko L. Education in museum and museum education in the history of the University of Kyiv

Samoilenko L., Shydlovskyi P. Mezhyrich Settlement: what will be the future of our past?

Samchuk T. The formation of the university space in Kyiv (the history of the first facilities of the University of St. Volodymyr)

Filipova F., Kolybenko M. Reconstruction of the historical topography of Pereyaslav based on the city list from 1684

Khan E., Sliusarenko A. Ukraine's European integration: an example of cooperation in higher education

Shydlovskyi P. Prehistoric sites: a public benefit or a waste of investments?

Yanenko A., Zynoviyiva Yu. "A decisive struggle against treasure hunting is nedeed": the scientific community in the UkrSSR vs treasure hunters in the second half of 1920s