B. Motsia, PhD in History,

Ministry of culture of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


The article provided a brief description of the current state of the protecting system for cultural heritage and topical problems of its operation in the legal field of Ukraine, analyzes the development of legal framework, ensuring appropriate structures of human resources and the necessary funding. The author examines the most pressing organizational problems of culture heritage protection in Ukraine. Among those that have a direct negative impact on the protection of cultural heritage objects identified the inadequate legislation in this area that is controversial and often do not meet the standards of international law. Unsystematic and chaotic approach to the protection of cultural heritage leads to vilification and even large-scale destruction under urban pressure and active unlicensed construction. The basic problem circle and strategic directions to tackling issues that require priority attention are defined. In addition, the role and place of education institutions in the cause of protection and preservation of monuments and objects of cultural heritage is highlighted. The problem is escalating also because of lack of human resources and lack of professional compliance of personnel, especially in the regions. Local officials involved in heritage protection activities often have no special education, very superficially acquainted with the relevant legislative framework, and inadequately performing their duties. Also the problem of funding in the center and locally is still a painful one.

Key words: authorities for protection of cultural heritage, law, urban planning activities, objects of cultural heritage.

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