Issue 138 (2018)

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Avtushenko I. Medical and Health Resort Support of the Retired Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Their Families Member (1991-2011).

Danyliv N. US Presidents’ Policy on the Jewish Emigration from the Soviet Union (1961-1989).

Ivashko R. The Jubilee Year of the 15th Century in the Kingdom of Poland.

Kiriakov O. The First Spartan Campaign of the Boeotian League.

Koval A. Liberty and Slavery as “Civilizational Values”.

Kosau A. Russia and the United States in 2004-2008: Main Directions of Cooperation and Political-Diplomatic Rivalry.

Levchenko V. Touches to the Portrait of the Soviet Historian N.I. Mezhberh.

Liapina O. «Forgotten Director» (O. Nazarevskyi and the Library of Kyiv University during 1920’s – at the Beginning of 1930’s).

Masnyi V. The Development of Doctrinal and Conceptual Bases of US Military Cooperation with European Allies in the late 1950’s – Second Half of the 1960’s.

Mohylnyi L. Social and Political Views of Vsevolod Hantsov.

Pukhovets D. The Riot of A.D. 387 in Antioch.

Pshenychnyi T. The Role of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the National Education of Society in the First Half of the 20th Century.

Tron-Radomska A. The Activity of the Ukrainian Central Committee for the Organization of Camps for the Fostering of Youth.

Trokhymenko O. Collection of the Gifts, Received by the Officials (The German and Ukrainian Practice).

Yashchuk A. Official Websites of Cities Councils as a Source for the Study of Modern Urban Heraldry of the Southern Ukraine.


Kriukov V. Review: “Caucasian studies: Symposium”.

Stavniuk V., Okhrimenko O. 40th Anniversary of the Department of Ancient and Medieval History of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Stavniuk V., Okhrimenko O. 55th Anniversary of the Department of Ancient and Medieval History of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.