Issue 134 (2017)


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Danyliuk I. A new paradigm for a society of global age: Benedict XVI’s subsidiary perspective

Dubchak Ye. The history of Kievan Rus in the scientific works of the professors of St. Volodymyr University (1884-1920)

Zubko A. Units of weight in Central Asia

Kahamlyk S. The Ukrainian church under the Russian centralism. The attempts to assert the long-standing rights under the Peter II (1727–1730)

Koval A. “Non expetere pacem”: Pompey’s and Caesar’s motives for a Civil war

Kolesnyk V. The Ukrainian political parties in Russian empire at the beginning of 20th century: offering the solution of the national issue

Konta R. M. Hrushevskyi as a reformer of the Shevchenko scientific society in Lviv: ethnological context

Kosheliev A. Concept of “intellectual biography” and “biographical world” in the research of the life of a scholar

Kshanovskyi R. The creation of the “cult of chivalry” by Edward III as a way to strengthen the English monarchy

Levchuk O. Ethno-legal features of Kyiv everyday life during 1905-1914 (according to the materials of the local newspapers)

Lukashenko A. God-man in the historical myphology and philosophy: a historical analysis

Malanii Z. Between the imperial identity and national vocation: a generalized image of the Habsburg state official in Galicia (1948-1918)

Mashevskyi O. The Black Sea vector in the great powers’ policy (1930s – early 1990s)

Mohylnyi L. Chekhivskyi Volodymyr: a portrait in the context of historical events

Radomskyi I. Flint implements of the Trypillia culture B/I period from the river Dnister

Rubel V. The problem of chronological and geographical authenticity of “Ancient Writings of Hwan Being” Hwandan Gogi (桓檀古記)

Stavniuk V. «… ich meine, mit dem Besten was in mir ist, Bin ich stets animal politicum gewesen und wünschte ein Burger zu sein»: a historian in the social and political life of his country

Soroka Yu. The resettlement of Ukrainians from Romania to Ukrainian SSR in 1944-1947


Paliienko M., Pavlenko S. Significant life point – 80-year anniversary of Yaroslav Kalakura, honored professor of Taras Shevchenko National University