Issue 133 (2017)



Borysenko M. Home workers in Soviet Ukraine at 20-30 years of XX century

Volontyr O. Vocational education in Volyn Province during the Second Polish republic

Demeshchuk A. The Republic of Serbian Kraina: from the birth to the fall

Kazakevych O. Ukrainian language and identity of the social and economic elite of Ukraine (the late 19 - early 20th centuries)

Kovbasiuk S. Ideal woman in the Reformation texts and images: between constructs and practices

Kolesnyk V. Socio-political literature of the 1920's on the “korenization” of national minorities in the Ukrainian SSR

Kotliarov P. The Melanchthonian school reform: a humanist paradigm

Lukashenko A. King chosen by God and his functions in the ideological debates of the Russian State (late XV-XVI centuries)

Liabakh I., Martseniuk R. Failed marriage: Unknown scenes of V. Franko and Yu. Kosach lifes

Mahdych O. Bull Ex Comissio nobs a deo and formation of an independent Polish Church

Malatsai I. Rudolf I of Habsburg – emperor of Holy Roman Empire

Perha T. Attitude of man to Nature in the public opinion in USA in the XIX century

Rubel V. "The Standard Histories" of Mongolian supremacy era in China as a phenomenon of classic Chinese historical writing

Skira Yu. The Stern family rescue by metropolitan archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky in the light of memories of Lili Pohlmann

Smorzhevska O. Presenttation of Ukrainian literarure in Poland: Yuri Andrukhovych and his vision of “Europe”

Turanly F. Turkish written documents as sources of information on the history of Ukraine of the second half of the 16th century

Chernoivanenko V. Qumran and Christian origins as a decades-long debate

Chutkyi А. Contribution of Saint Vladimir University to the foundation of higher educational institutions in Kyiv (second half of 19c. – early 20c.)