Issue 129 (2016)

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Avtushenko I. The financial security of servicemen of the Armed Rorces of Ukraine (1991 – 2011): historical aspect

Gavrylenko I. Public and cultural diplomacy of the United States

Hentosh L. Metropolitan's A. Sheptytskyi attitude towards V. Lypynskyi and to the Hetmanate movement in 1920 – 1930-s

Dmytruk Ya. Educational and upbringing work among national minorities in the Polish Armed forces (1918 – 1939)

Zubco A. Weight units in the systems of measurements in Near and Middle East countries in XI – XIX centuries

Kuznetsova-Timonova A.V. The Civil War in Angola (1975 – 2002) and the fate of Soviet soldiers: the example of representatives of Belarus

Lastovets N. The mission UPR in the USA in the 1919 – 1921: problem of formation

Levchenko V. The role of the Odessa scientists in the development of ukrainian-american relations in the first half of the XX century

Mashevskyi O., Baraboi M. The origins of French-Canadian nationalism (XVIII – first third XX centuries)

Patryliak B. The seizure of the administrative centers of the Ukrainian SRR by peasants in spring 1930

Pogorielova I. North Korean policy of D. Obama administration: failures and achievements

Pogromskiy V. Coverage of activities ARA (American Relief Administration) during famine 1921-23 in Soviet Ukraine and USSR on pages of soviet encyclopedias

Piatnychuk T. The Monroe Doctrine: the evolution of interpretation and implementation efforts

Yakubets A. Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic (1944-1991): historical and biographical analysis


Patryliak I., Liapina O. Suppression of resistance: "elimination" ("purging") of territory of Ukraine by Soviet institutions of state security in 1946 by language of documents

Sribnyak M. Dramatic Society in the camp Freistadt (Austria – Hungary): institutional dimension