Issue 130 (2016)

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Adamska I. Organizational and legislative activities of the Soviet authorities on establishing of the healthcare system in the Ukrainian SSR (in 1920s)

Antoniuk O. The policy of the communist power relating Catholic Church in Poland (1948 – 1949)

Bozhuk L. Information resources and Internet services in the activity of State Archives of Ukraine

Hanul A. The Ivan Horvat's administrative power in the New Serbia (1752 – 1762)

Gorodnia N. U.S. policy towards Ukraine during George H. W. Bush presidency (1989 – 1993)

Dručkus G., Stanišauskė K. Archives in digital era: challenges and opportunities

Yemelіanova T. Audiovisual collections: digitization and access (as exemplified in the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after G. S. Pshenychnyi)

Kovbasiuk S. Ukrainian Avant-Garde in the European context: between art and idealogy

Kotliarov P. The right of the armed resistance in Philip Melanchton's theology and home diplomacy

Kupriienko S. Pedro Cubero Sebastian: the first round-the-world voyage in the Eastern direction

Malatsai I. Alexander A. Kotliarevskyi as a Slavonic scholar

Mogylnyi L. Autonomists movement in Ukraine in the late XVIIIth – the early XIXth century

Paliienko M. An archivist of information society: problems of the professional training's modernization

Pilkevych A. The Principate of Tiberius in Velleius Paterculus' "Historiae Romanae"

Rukkas A. The field gendarmerie of the Army of Ukrainian People's Republic in 1920

Tiurmenko I. Historical and cultural heritage on the web sites of the state archives of the regions of Ukraine: access strategy

Strohmeyer A. Trends and Perspectives in Early Modern Diplomatic History: The Case of Habsburg Diplomats in Constantinople in the Early Modern Period


Patrylak I. Ukraine in historical retrospective: Eastern hand-written documents. A Review of Monograph: Turanli Ferhad. The Cossack Ukraine in Osmanish-Turkish narratives (the second half of the 16th – the first quarter of the 18th centuries) / Ferhad Gardashkan Oglu Turanli. – K.: Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Publ., 2016. – 606 p.