Issue 139 (2018)

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Antoniuk O. The Agreement between the Communist Power and the Polish Episcopate of 1950

Bazaieva M. The Influence of Antiquity on the Views Formation and Activity of Thomas Jefferson

Varga B. Role of Hajduks and Cossacks in the 16th and 17th Century Hungarian and Ukrainian Society

Volik N. The Ukrainian Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate and Basilian Fathers’ Activity in Canada in 1901-1925

Voloshchenko S. Ecclesiastic Typikon from the Scientific Library of Kyiv University: Attribution of Manuscript

Habibbayli S. Energy Projects Connecting Azerbaijan and Georgia

Ivanytska L. Life Path and Creativity of Properzia de Rossi in the Cycle of Concepts “Medieval Woman”, “Art”, “Society”

Kuminova K. Images of Anacharsis and Scyles in the Ancient Literature

Liulka V. Muslim Migration: Theoretical Basis

Mykhailenko M. The Economic Policy Peculiarities of the “Historical Right” Governments of the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1876)

Nagorny S., Nisi S., Voronov S., Dovbush T., Skrypnyk V. Antique Anchor Stocks: Unknown Aspects

Oryshchenko R. Religiousness as a Factor of Modern Transformation of Ukrainian Peasantry in the First Third of the 20th Century

Protsiuk A. Cicero and the US Political Culture of the 18th – 19th Centuries

Siromskyi R. “Measures are Taken to Return to the Homeland”: Borys Dotsenko Case of 1967

Sribniak M. The US Constitution: Reception of Antiquity

Ferkov O. The Role of the Nobility of North-Eastern Hungary in the Establishing of Protestantism


Verba I. Methodology of Historiography Research. Review: KALAKURA, Ya. S. (2016). Methodology of Historiography Research: Scientific and Methodic Manual. Kyiv: Publishing Center “Kyivskyi Universytet”. Pp. 319.