Issue 128 (2016)

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Antoniuk Ya. UVO and OUN underground activity in the territory of Polissya voivodeship (1928 – 1939)

Boiko А. The cultural-civilizational aspect in the formation of the European integration policy of R. Erdogan governments

Borovets I. Ukrainian periodicals in the Russian Empire (1907 – 1914): ideas of authonomy of Ukraine

Vlasova А. The overcoming of discrimination against women and protection of their rights dy international organizations (1945 – 1967 years)

Zaharchuk О. Foreign policy and diplomacy of Napoleon Bonaparte in the works of modern Ukrainian historians

Koval A. The years of adolescence and formation of personality of Vasyl Kuk – the last chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (1913 – 1934)

Kosheliev A. Theory of the historical narrative in the contemporary mythodological discourses

Kupchik Ya. Elections to the Kyiv city thought on july, 23 1917: preparation, conducting and results

Martseniuk R. Lithuania, Ukraine and Lithuania – the life and career of professor Alexander Mickiewicz

Oliyanchuk A. Attraction of Left Bank Ukrainian Cossack regiments to suppress the Polish Uprising of 1863 – 1864

Ponypaliak O. The establishment and activities the school of military officers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (august 1943 – january 1944)

Trubchyk A. Education policy of Polish civil administration on Belarussian territory (february 1919 – september 1920)

Cherevko I., Kononenko A. War technical specifications of the Turtle ship

Yurchenko O. Decryption of numerical series "The Chronicles Byhovtsa"


Patrylak I. ILNYTSKYI, V.I. (2016) The OUN Carpathian region in Ukrainian liberation movement (1945 – 1954): monograph [Karpatskyi krai OUN v Ukrinskomu vyzvolnomu rusi (1945 – 1954)]. Drohobych: Posvit