Issue 145 (2020)

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Babynskyi, A. "Calendar Conflicts" within the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Community in the United States and Canada in 1950-1960's

Boiko-Haharin, A. The Money Counterfeiters in Kyiv Region in the 19th - Early 20th Century

Bondarenko, O. Municipal Self-government of Dnipro Ukraine if the Last Quarter of the 18th - Early 20th Century in the Historical Discourse of the Empire Era

Buturlimova, O. Evolution and Activities of the British Labor Party (1893-1931): A Historiography

Zraziuk, Z. History of Coins-cabinet Collection of University of St. Volodymyr (1920's - 1930's)

Kovalkov, O. The Attitudes of Afghan Students in the Ukrainian SSR to the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan and the Withdrawal of Soviet Troops (1979-1989)

Kuminova, K. The "Athenian Plot" in the Ancient Biographies of Anacharsis

Kupchyk, O. Poland in the Foreign Trade of Soviet Ukraine in the Early 1920's

Lutsenko, N. Muslim Brotherhood Activity in Egypt (20th - Early 21st Centuries)

Mykhailovska, Ye. The Formation of National Identity through the Theoretical Approaches of Linguistic and Language Identity of Ukrainian Dissidents

Pahiria, O. The Ukrainian Question in the Foreign Policy of the Second Czecho-Slovak Republic at the Turn of 1938-1939

Pyrozhyshyn, R. Merits and Remuneration of Employees of Regional and City Divisions of NKGB-MSS in the Ternopil Region, 1945-1948

Sydorenko, A. Military-theoretical Activity of General M. Kapustianskyi (1920-1930’s)

Shemeta, Yu. Firearms and Knives in Schools and Gymnasiums Kyiv Education District


Mashevskyi, O. Ukraine in European Historical Processes. Review of the Monograph Manuscript