Issue 132 (2017)



Antoniuk T. Representation of the Ukrainian diaspora's scholar and educational practices in the USA in the publications of Ukrainian studies

Hryshchenko T. US Presidential Election 2016 and the American Foreign Policy Strategy

Kazakevych G. Ukrainian O'Connors: the family of Irish ancestry in the cultural life of the 19th century Ukraine

Kizlova A. Comforting communication near the sacred objects of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (the 19th – the early 20th c.)

Makarevych A. A waqf in the Ottoman Empire in the Turkish historiography

Mashevskyi O., Baraboi M. The Quebec national question during the World War II and in the postwar period

Patryliak I. "I'd preferred to be killed at the front than to live this way…": "silencing" letters in the Soviet Ukraine (based on reports of the USSR's Committee for State Security concerning perlustration of the private correspondence in December 1945 – February 1947)

Petasyuk О. The Phenomenon of the "Executed Renaissance" (for the 80th year of the commemoration of the victims of the execution in the Sandarmokh forest massif)

Pilkevych А. Marian reforms in the political, social and economic transformations of the Late Roman Republic

Pshenychnyi P. Ukrainian Church space in the second half of 16th century

Satskyi P. Financial support for construction of South-Ukrainian and North-Crimean canals (1950 – 1953)

Smorzhevska O. The Neopaganism in Ukraine: spiritual quest of a city dwellar

Soroka Y. Forced ressetlment of Ukrainians from Czechoslovakia to Ukrainian SSR in postwar period

Shcherbatyuk V., Oryshchenko Yu. Reflection of Ukrainian Peasant Insurrectionary Movement of 1917 – 1921 in Ukrainian pre-Soviet literature

Junger M. The role of the Hungarian samizdat in intensifying of opposition-minded public (1976 – 1988)

Jazavita S. Illusion and Reality of Statehood: the Search for Parallels between the Lithuanian Activist Front and the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists


Papakin A. A Revenge of the Russian historiography: Kaniv 1662 [Rev: Babulin, I. B. (2015) Kaniv Battle of 16 July 1662. Moscow.: Fond "Russkie vitiazi"]