Requirements for Articles

Basic requirements for the text

1) The article should contain the following elements:

  • formulation of the problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of the latest research and publications, connected to the topic of the article;
  • indicate unresolved issues to which the article is devoted;
  • setting objectives of the article;
  • the main material of the study with the full presentation of the retained scientific results;
  • conclusions and research prospects.

2) Main text options:

  • the text of the paper should be submitted as a WinWord file (*.doc);
  • language of the paper - Ukrainian or English;
  • Arial font, size 9;
  • the line spacing - single;
  • indent: 0.5 cm;
  • Page settings: top margin: 2.54 cm; bottom margin: 2.0 cm.; left and right margins: 1.8 cm.; Edge to header and footer - 1.7 cm.

3) The article (including the title, abstracts, key words, illustrations and references) should not exceed 6 pages; introductory article to the publication of documents - 1 page; review - 3 pages; publication in honor - 2 pages.

4) Materials of the article should be submitted in such a sequence:

  • index of the Universal Decimal Classification (Arial, 8 pt, Bold, left-aligned);
  • author's first name, author's last name, academic degree and / or job position, place of employment or study (Arial, 8 pt, Bold, right-aligned);
  • title of the article - 5-9 words (Arial Black, 10 pt, center alignment);
  • abstract and key words (in Ukrainian) - 150-250 words, according to the content and structure of the article (Arial, 8 pt, Bold, italic);
  • the main text of the article;
  • references (in Ukrainian), compiled according to the State standard of Ukraine (ДСТУ) 7.1: 2006 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of assembly" (Arial, 7 pt);
  • references (in English), compiled according to Harvard-British Standard (Arial, 7 pt) and transliterated according to table of transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet in Latin (;
  • author's first name, author's last name, academic degree and / or job position, place of employment or study (in English);
  • title of the article (in English);
  • abstract and key words (in English).

Download the whole list of requirements, including the samples of references - PDF