T. Vasylyk, Doctoral Candidate

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/1728-2640.2020.144.3


The periodical press is rightly called a treasure trove of diverse information from the life of a particular historical era. Important for the study of the history of Ukrainian society is the periodical press of Ukrainian diaspora, which contains different types of source information: socio-political, scientific, technical, cultural, religious etc. The article deals with the poorly studied part of the preaching heritage of Metropolitan Ilarion (Ivan Ohiienko). The main attention is paid to the sermons of Metropolitan Ilarion, declared in the early years of bishops' service in Canada and published in "The Word of Truth" magazine, which had been publishing in Winnipeg during the 1947-1955 by the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.

Sermons of Metropolitan Іilarion (Ivan Ohiienko) are a significant source of information for the reproducing the historical past of Ukrainians. The author discovered 21 of his sermons that have been published in "The Word of Truth” magazine. The author focuses on the sermons in which the Metropolitan touches upon the pressing issues of the difficult existence of Ukrainian emigrants. According to the Metropolitan Іlarion, there were two groups of Ukrainian emigrants after the Second World War: the so-called “Ostarbeiters” and intellectuals. The status of the second group was harder

Metropolitan Іlarion (Ivan Ohienko) called for mutual respect and assistance, and unity around the issue of national identity and development of Ukrainian society. Given that the preaching legacy of Metropolitan Іlarion (Ivan Ohiienko) is poorly researched, the sermons discussed in this article supplement the history of Ukrainian emigration and are an integral component of Ukraine's national spiritual and cultural heritage.

Key words: emigrants, sermon, “Word of Truth” magazine, spiritual life, diaspora.

Received by the editorial board: 02.03.2020

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